The Value of Philosophy: A Collection of Videos, Articles, and Podcasts

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This page contains a collection of resources on the value of philosophy. It is aimed at anyone who wants to learn about the benefits of studying philosophy and those who want to convince others that philosophy is worth studying. When looking for information on a new topic, some people are looking for a short beginner-friendly overview, others prefer in-depth and more academic articles. Some people prefer to watch videos, others prefer listening to podcasts. This collection of resources aims to make learning about philosophy as easy as possible by allowing each individual to choose the educational resources that are the difficulty, length, and format they like the most. The podcasts, videos, and short articles below are all aimed at complete beginners while the encyclopedia entries are more in-depth, academic, and informative. If you are looking for more substantial texts, check out this list of the nine best introductory philosophy books.




Encyclopedia Entries


For more introductory philosophy resources and reading lists check out this collection of Resources and Reading Lists.

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