Introductory Resources

There are plenty of excellent beginner-friendly philosophy resources on the internet. Unfortunately they are spread out across many different websites and platforms, making it inconvenient to find them when you need them. This website aims to make studying philosophy easier by collecting these introductory videos, podcasts, and articles into one place. Simply choose a topic or philosopher to get started. If you’re new to philosophy, you might want to start with this list of 50 podcasts and videos on the history of philosophy.

Types of Resources:

This section contains links to the best sources for beginner friendly philosophy resources based on their content type.

Large Collections of Resources:

These pages contain links to all the online resources I could find on each topic:

Focused Collections:

These pages contain more focused collections. Not everyone wants to wade through a sea of links to find a good introduction to a topic. These pages contain only links to the best introductory resources on each topic.


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