Introducing the Daily Philosophy Quote

The Daily Philosophical Quote was primarily inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s final book A Calendar of Wisdom. Tolstoy’s Calendar aimed to collect “the wisdom of centuries into one book” and to make this wisdom available to the widest number of people possible. For the last fifteen years of his life, he compiled quotations, thoughts, and insights from history’s greatest philosophers and thinkers, including Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Laozi, The Buddha, Pascal, Socrates, and many more. These quotes were grouped according to topic and organized so that each group of thoughts could be read on a specific day of the year, to create, as he called it, “a wise thought for every day of the year, from the greatest philosophers of all times and all people”.

After its initial publication in 1903, Tolstoy would continue to read A Calendar of Wisdom every day until his death in 1910. On May 16, 1908, he wrote: “I cannot understand how some people can live without communicating with the wisest people who ever lived on Earth? … I feel very happy every day, because I read this book”.

This project shares Tolstoy’s original goal to bring wisdom and philosophical insight to as many people as possible. Like A Calendar of Wisdom, the Daily Philosophy Quote features passages from history’s greatest philosophers and thinkers. However, thanks to the power of the internet, each quote also features links to relevant beginner-friendly philosophical articles, videos, and podcasts. If you find a particular quote interesting, these resources make it easy to quickly learn more about that particular topic or philosopher.

It is hoped that this combination of engaging quotations and beginner-friendly resources can help to continue Tolstoy’s original mission of bringing philosophical insight and wisdom to a mass audience. The full collection of quotations and resources are available to browse on this page, or you can sign up below to have one of these quotes delivered to your inbox each day.

This project is currently a work in progress. If you have a quotation or resources that you think would be worth adding, or if you have any other feedback, please send your suggestion to