About The Daily Idea

The Daily Idea was created to help make it as easy as possible for anyone to learn about philosophy by collecting the best philosophy resources from across the internet and organizing them in one place. You can find a list of these resources organized by topic on this page.

My name is Lennox and a few years ago, when I was becoming interested in philosophy, I noticed that while there are many excellent free resources online, they are spread over may different websites and they can be a real pain to find even if you’re looking for them. I also noticed that I often found it difficult to decide which books I should read first when I wanted to learn about a new philosophical topic. Eventually I decided to try to solve these problems by bringing together the best articles, podcasts, videos and book recommendations into one place. I hope you find this website useful. If you have any questions, inquiries, or feedback, please email me at info@thedailyidea.org

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